Farmecology Viticultural Services

Red wine grapes

Field Services


  • Solutions for special or site-specific problems.
  • Pruning and training issues.
  • Vineyard design rootstock & clonal selection.
  • Quality control issues.

Soils Evaluation

  • Soil sampling via backhoe pits or hand auger.
  • Soil fertility and amendment recommendations.

Pest Management

  • Over 25 years of experience in the north coast.
  • Experience with pest management in both organic and sustainable vineyards.
  • Complete monitoring for insects, spider mites, diseases vine stress, nutritional and physiological disorders.

Irrigation Management

  • Pressure bomb service.
  • Soil moisture blocks and capacitance probes via Adcon telemetry equipment.
  • Automated monitoring of flow meters and pressure sensors via Adcon equipment.
  • Automated valve and pump control.